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Discord Tag: AtomFTW#0001
IGN: iAtom
by iAtom » 27 days ago

Hello everyone! We're happy to announce that Atomic Network Skyblock Season 1 will be releasing on April 10th, 2021. 

Server Information:
The first Atomic Network Skyblock Map will release April 10th, 2 PM ET || 11 PM PST. If your timezone is not listed, use a translator such as https://savvytime.com/converter
This map will last 28 days and there will be seasonal payouts. Payout amounts are listed below:

#1 - 200$ PayPal & 150$ Store Credits
#2 - 75$ PayPal & 50$ Store Credits
#3 - 25$ PayPal & 25$ Store Credits

  • 9 man islands, upgradeable to 13
  • Melon economy until warzone is unlocked VIA /fund (50m) 
  • Warzone Fishing (Gives you custom enchant items, such as soulbind, whitescroll, slot increaser, etc. You can also get fish that you can sell in the Fish Shop at /warp shop) 
  • Warzone Mining (Gives you Fragments and Gems. You can sell gems for money, and you can either sell fragments or forge them into Masks, Lootboxes, and other items.)
  • KoTH Event 
    • Gain a Randomizer Lootbox, which you can get a lootbox ranging from tier 1 to tier 4.   
  • Tower of Hell Event
    • Gain a Tiered Lootbox, more kills get you a better chance of a higher-tiered lootbox. 
  • /is upgrade - Purchase island upgrades using money and Island Crystals which you can get from Island Quests/Missions.
  • /is boosters - Purchase temporary island-wide boosters with Crystals and Money, such as 2x Spawner rate, 2x Crop Growth rate, Fly, etc. 
  • Island levels - our unique twist of island leveling. Instead of using island value to calculate levels, we use island experience. Gain experience by mining, farming, and killing mobs in Warzone and your Island. Killing mobs from your island level's spawners gives you the most experience. 
  • Darkmatter - Gain darkmatter by mining, farming, and killing mobs of tier 2 or higher. 
  • Minions - Get minions from loot crates and the darkmatter shop. Minions automate actions for you; however, the minion owner must be online for them to work. 

and much much more!

Content Creators

We have multiple content creators producing content from our Server, whether it be streams or videos. Here are the links to the current ones we have. 

Bowshot - https://twitch.tv/bowshot
ZLKNPvP - https://twitch.tv/zlknpvp
z1ghter - https://twitch.tv/z1ghter
Tentor/Slimetor - https://www.youtube.com/c/slimetor
Lego Maestro - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLegoMaestro

Remember to read our rules here
I hope to see you all there on release!
Trailer Link:
Discord Link: http://discord.atomicnetwork.club
Store Link: https://store.atomicnetwork.club




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Discord Tag: Noahjohnminer#1501
IGN: Noahjohnminer
by Noahjohnminer » 27 days ago

ok... this is a pogchamp moment


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Atomic Network
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Discord: Noahjohnminer#1501
Email: [email protected]

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IGN: xDuty
by xDuty » 5 days ago